Hostel Chiang Mai Thunderbird

Thunderbird Hostel, Chiang Mai

Thunder Bird Hostel is conveniently located in the Chiang Mai Old Town district in Chiang Mai, just 500 m from Tha Pae Gate. Guests can enjoy the on-site café, bar, and bakery.

Our rooms are equipped with air conditioning, black-out curtains, and spacious lockers. We offer a variety of private dorm-style rooms: 1 person private dorm room and the maximum 8 person private dorm room. We also have private double and private family rooms available.

Every guest has access to large shared bathrooms, equipped with hot water, hair dryers, drying rack, and some toiletries available at all hours.

We have a ping pong table, piano, and guitar on-site for your enjoyment, as well as a rooftop area with seating options and yoga mats available.

Our front desk is staffed 24 hours a day for your convenience! Please reach out to us with any questions you may have- Contact information is located under the “Contact” tab of the website.

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Coffee & Nok bar

Nok Bar is a modern coffee bar by day, and a trendy bar by night. Located inside Thunder Bird Hostel, it is convenient for guests to enjoy some coffee to begin their day and a beverage to chill in the evening.

There is plenty of conversational seating on the first level of the Hostel that is available to all customers to enjoy. Nok Bar is focused on providing high quality coffee to customers, as well as seasonal drinks to satisfy the changing weather. Many of the ingredients in the beverages, such as lime and coconut, are from the market just across from Thunder Bird Hostel to ensure quality and freshness.

Nok Coffee bar is open 8am-5pm (Hostel guests can enjoy 10% off Nok Coffee Bar with key card)

Open 11am-2pm and 5pm-midnight.

Greedy Beast (Bake Shop)

Greedy Beast is a bakery located just inside Thunder Bird Hostel. Open to guests and customers alike, it offers a variety of baked goods- such as apple cinnamon roll, banana cheese roll, s’mores muffin, and scones. The selection also includes a number of bagel treats- such as charcoal bagel with salmon, grilled cheese bagel, and sunny side-up egg sandwich on a spinach/quinoa bagel. The treats at Greedy Beast are all made fresh in-house and are sure to satisfy your cravings!

Greedy Beast is open 8am-5pm (Hostel guests can enjoy 10% off Greedy Beast with key card)

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